Migraine is trying to suck me back into the depressive funk I was just getting out of- I needed it go away. This was day five of the headache.. Getting better but it came back in my evening class full of loud mouthed students (the one of which I had to tell off).

I’ll draw more centaurs tomorrow after grading I think- they help. Natasha is close to done on pencils. I needed to think about who to draw next. Maybe Bruce and the Hulk…

Minecraft you’re drunk- go home.

You spawned a water temple IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT BIOME. The guardians are just falling out of it and dying on the ground! (Though the elder guardian still managed to magical show up and curse me from where I was standing.) MONSTERS ARE SPAWNING UNDER IT.

And my villagers are all invisible. How am I supposed to be your mayor if you’re invisible villagers!!

Does this mean there will be an equally adorable Natasha centaur in the future? EEEEE!

Yes indeed! She’s actually who I’m working on now! I want to make it through the ‘main’ MCU Avengers at least and I’d love to do some other then if I’m not burnt out like Sam, Bucky, Coulson, Pepper, etc.

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I think the heart would still be in the human torso? This is a good question tho…

Wait. wait. How many stomachs do centaurs have? What is internal organs

I KNOW right? Like… our chests are almost completely defined by our lungs/rib cages. This is why squishy animals (cats/rats) have flexible cages/lack of attached collar bones. But.. two sets of lungs in a mammal? No- the need to be by the mouth. Also our hearts are in a specific place to best get air and blood exchange. Being in the normal human location would be a bit odd since the biggest consumption of that  blood would be in the horse half and man do they need a bigger heart than us as it is. A heart big enough to sustain a centaur wouldn’t fit in the normal human spot.. But if the lungs are only in the human part the heart would be far away in the normal horse location. So maybe two hearts is the answer?

On stomachs that depends on if the horse stomach is set up to process non grains AT ALL. If it’s not there might need to be two stomachs- one to process grains and the other an omnivorous diet/more robust veggie diet…

This all hurts my brain a little (well I have a migraine so it’s already hurting but it hurts it MORE).

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1- yes, 2- I would say the human chest’s set? because it’s more likely to have taken the shrapnel damage in a dangerous place.

whereigowhenimnothere answered your post: Important Question

*opens mouth* *begins to speak* *rethinks* Erm…depends on the angle at which he was exposed to shrapnel.

But shrapnel accessibility does seem the best concept which leaves the more vulnerable human torso SO we’ll assume either they have two or they have a larger one in the human torso and put it there I think.

But Neightasha Romanoff is who I’m currently working on anyways- Tony will come later!

(Btw- I think I will so make these guys into stickers and/or magnets once the set is done.)



I guess now would be a good time to let everyone know I still have one metal arm left for a male Imperial :3
I’m selling it for 500g or 175k fcfs
doctorkara #67251

Just in case anyone joined Flight Rising this past week, and wants to make a Bucky dragon. 8)
You should friend Kara.  Also maybe me.  I don’t know what the heck is happening here.  Dragons, I guess.  DRAGONS.  Scifigrl47 #98028

Dude yes- I’m on there as Scroll #95574. I just joined this last week. DRAGONS GUYS.



I guess now would be a good time to let everyone know I still have one metal arm left for a male Imperial :3

I’m selling it for 500g or 175k fcfs

doctorkara #67251

Just in case anyone joined Flight Rising this past week, and wants to make a Bucky dragon. 8)

You should friend Kara.  Also maybe me.  I don’t know what the heck is happening here.  Dragons, I guess.  DRAGONS.  Scifigrl47 #98028

Dude yes- I’m on there as Scroll #95574. I just joined this last week. DRAGONS GUYS.

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+ Important Question

…would centaurs have two sets of lungs and hearts? And if so… which heart/lung set up would have the arc reactor in it for Tonytaur??

Pencils on Thortaur is done! Time to get brave a do the real inking. I may have had too much fun with the lightning.

I was reading through your job hunt posts and they're incredibly informative. However, I'm looking to switch careers and need to find some sort of career counselor and I'm having a hard time. I'm hoping to go back to school next year. But I don't know what I want to do. I've been in the same industry (Corporate Travel) for 25 years. But it's not paying the bills. All I can find are 'Life Coaches' who want to charge me $500.00 to not tell me anything. Do you have any counseling sites you can rec?
+ emyrldlady


Oooh, that’s a tough one. I would avoid life coaches, yeah, but beyond that I don’t have much advice to offer. If you google for very generic terms like “career change” or such, you may find some helpful online articles — looking for reading rather than looking for in-person help sometimes helps me get a clearer idea of what I actually wish to find. 

Two books I see bandied about a lot for job advice, but which I’ve never read, are Who Moved My Cheese and What Color Is Your Parachute. I know a lot of people who SWEAR by What Color Is Your Parachute. Wikipedia makes Who Moved My Cheese sound dreadfully condescending, but it might still be worth a shot. You never know where inspiration will come from. 

You might also google around for aptitude tests. Online quizzes are worth what you pay for them, but at least they might help you sort out what you’re looking for. 

A while ago I took the Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test at the behest of my parents. It’s not cheap; it is comprehensive in that they test many different skills, and my mum had it done when she was in her thirties and really learned a lot about herself from the results, which helped her when she wanted to re-enter the workforce. I can’t speak to its accuracy since some of their results when it came to me were depressing and some were laughable. Some of the tests they give you are easier to “game” than others and it turns out that my automatic tendency to game this kind of test because of my horrible competitive streak skewed my results insanely. I can barely do any math past basic addition, I loathe numbers and find budget work absolutely stultifying, and they were telling me I should be an accountant because I was good at pattern recognition. (I wasn’t — I was using memory tricks.) I basically scored high in two areas: insanely boring shit I never want to go near, and “vocabulary”, neither of which were helpful. So, mixed results on that front.  

Not knowing what you want to do for a living is a terrible, drifting sensation, and people will attempt to capitalize on that — it’s one of those fields that’s just full of sharks sniffing for blood. Good luck :/ I wish I had more answers for you. 

Not saying you necessarily want to go to a community college (though they often have helpful hours for people working and doing school) but talking to a counselor at a local community college could be really helpful. It’s their job to talk to perspective and current students and help them find a path. I say community college some because they’re going to (in general) be more willing to talk to perspective students and returning students. Universities of course may be another place to look.

Let me though amend all of the above though with this: THE COUNSELORS MAY NOT KNOW ALL THE PROGRAMS WELL ENOUGH TO ADVISE YOU. Right now is also a good time to look for open houses being held at Universities and CC. They will not only have counselors and admission people but also a number of different fields you can stop by and get information for. I’m focusing on schools here because you said you wanted to return.

If you have a few areas you’re looking at specifically or even just out of curiosity you can also talk to that college/division/department/program head directly and they’ll have the best information. Of course be careful of someone trying to blatantly sell you on something that seems to good to be true. Every program has it’s good and it’s bad and as much as it’s their job to get you as a student, they also need to be honest with you.

Another good place to start is looking at salaries AND the different names positions/fields might be called. glassdoor.com has salary information and even better you may have state based information. For example Texas has a whole page (http://www.twc.state.tx.us/) about current salaries in the states, growth stats, and a bunch of other things that could be helpful with looking at different fields. Always be sure to look at what jobs want what level of degrees though. Just because you can earn x amount in a field doesn’t mean you can do that if all you want is your associate’s.

I’m not Copperbadge but hopefully this helps a little!

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Started on the Avengertaurs finally with Thor- Stallion of Thunder!

So I spent ages picking out horse (with the help of some great suggestions) and now they’re just ending up all mini ponied so whoops? I’m still going to try to incorporate elements of the horse. Like Thor is a Percheron so big fluffy feet. Maybe they’ll get versions someday but at least they’re being worked on now. I figured Thor would braid his tail for battle.

(wow- nothing like posting a wip to see aaaaaaaaall your mistakes)

Okay I understand artists charging more than mass producers for items. But your prices are a little high. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
+ Anonymous



I’ve said this a hundred times. Other artists have said this. People who aren’t even artists but care about others being able to support themselves from their work have said this. This is my job where I make my full time living. My prices are the way they are for a reason. And even if it weren’t my full time job I am performing a specialized skill producing luxury goods that takes time, money, and years to perfect. I deserve to be compensated for that work even if the money doesn’t go to basic survival necessities.

My products may be out of your price range, which is okay. That just means you aren’t my target market. But that doesn’t mean they are overpriced. And that doesn’t make it okay to walk around telling others what they should charge. There are a hundred resources on why artists price the way they do out there, please read the following and take some time to educate yourself:

- This is a “simple” forumla for pricing.  It does not include any specifics and simply includes “expenses” as a lump category.

- A more in depth guide to pricing.

- Here is a post from Magweno which does a good job of summing up all the “hidden” costs in crafting. It also includes a discussion on whether the perceived value of art should be taken into consideration. It doesn’t even take into account sales, self employment, or income taxes. 15% of my income alone goes to self employment tax. 15-30% (depending on how much I made that year) will go to income tax.

- If you want to spend some money to learn, there is an entire book on ethical pricing.

- Another blog post from Mill Girl who writes further on what goes into pricing, arts and crafts as a luxury item, what you support when you purchase handmade, and who/what you harm when you devalue handmade.

- A tumblr post which highlights the pitfalls of people who undervalue art and their negative impact on the entire art community. This includes both artists undervaluing themselves and clients undervaluing artists.

- Here’s an article on pricing as a freelancer and industry standards. For the record I consider myself under the category “Someone with a few years of experience and a good portfolio: $50 - $85+/hr.” I can promise I am charging nowhere near $50 an hour, and close to $25 since I supplement my income with “passive income” from pattern sales.

And that is just a few of the resources out there available. I sincerely hope you will read them and stop spreading negative attitudes on pricing.

an AMAZING post about pricing art with a ton of resources!

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